My Dog is an Artist

My dog is an artist.  He works in poop the way fellow artists work in oils or clay.   He has pursued his craft over a lifetime and, while his approach is similar, there is always an exciting element of the unknown each time he creates a new piece.

As with all great artists, his choice of canvas is critical to the artistic process.  He expends great effort in investigating and evaluating where he will create his art.  The process is painstaking and requires great concentration.  

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Top 5 Mistakes People Make with their Puppies


While it is easy to believe that all you need to do is“add love” when you bring your puppy home, nothing could be farther from the truth!  There are many ways in which people can unwittingly damage their puppies, which often lead to significant behavioral problems later in life.  In a comprehensive study, 46.4% of dogs were relinquished to shelters because of behavior problems.  And, 47.4% of relinquished dogs were between the ages of 5 months and 3 years.  In my mind, it is no coincidence that this time frame overlaps with canine social maturation. People take naïve little pups, fail to properly raise them, and then make them someone else’s problem.  It is so much better, in the long run, to prevent these problems rather than trying to “fix” them once they have developed.    

Mistake 1:  Failure to educate oneself about puppy care and training before getting a puppy

Long before you get your puppy, you need to make sure you understand what that impossibly cute but highly challenging creature will need from you to grow up into a the most emotionally well-balanced and mannerly dog possible.  This adds up to about 12 months of work! 

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