Dr. Kathy Meyer made the decision to become a veterinarian when she was just 3 years old, after asking her mother "Who fixes sick horses?"  Her parents laughed (who ever heard of a woman veterinarian in 1963) and thought maybe their daughter would at least grow up to marry a vet.  She really showed them and did both, earning her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and marrying her classmate, Dr. Jim Jeffers, in 1986.  

After graduation, Dr. Meyer spent 9 years in general practice in New Jersey, followed by 5 years at the United States Pharmacopeia in Maryland, having two sons along the way.  In 2000, Dr. Meyer opened the Veterinary Behavior Clinic in Gaithersburg, MD, and has since devoted her career to helping dogs and cats with behavior problems.  Since 2000, she has treated over 4,000 cases, gaining clarity about pet (and human) behavior as well as accumulating scads of interesting, humorous, and inspiring tales.  

Dr. Meyer served on the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Executive Board, including 6 years on the president track.  In 2010, she was honored to receive the prestigious "Humane Award" given to her by the Montgomery County Humane Society for her volunteer work with their organization.  

A humorist at heart, she has written lyrics to many a satirical musical number, which have been performed by her erstwhile ensemble, The Tongue in Cheek Trio, and Hexagon, a satirical political musical review based in Washington DC.

Dr. Meyer lives in Rockville, MD, with her husband Jim, dog Ovie, and 3 parrots-Jack, Baby, and Noel.  She spends her free time volunteering for the Literacy Council, nagging her grown children, making vegan cheeses, and injuring herself while training for various running events.